No Smoke Software to Quit Smoking (and Help Kids Not to Start)

Schools - A series of sites explaining how No Smoke is being used in schools for tobacco education and smoking cessation and prevention programs.

No Smoke is now available FREE for individual use, or for organizations wishing to evaluate the program. Download the full-featured freeware version of No Smoke.

Corporate - Pages filled with information on business and corporate uses of the No Smoke software program.

Software to Quit SmokingNo Smoke for the Individual and the Home - General information about the No Smoke software package and how it is used to help people quit smoking.

The Worldwide Reach of No SmokeThe Worldwide Reach of No Smoke - Lists locations around the world where the No Smoke software is installed and is helping people kick the habit.

Schools and Public Health Organizations Using No Smoke

Introduction to the No Smoke Software in Six Languages

Smokefree Home Page