The "No Smoke" Software Generates Raves from
Organizations Concerned with Teenage Smoking

Kaiser PermanenteI am really enthusiastic about the possibilities of using the No Smoke program in schools in the Denver area. The Oberon Vikings were delighted with the software and will be implementing it at 16 work stations. We're looking forward to spreading the news about No Smoke through this area and beyond. ----Judy Sudmeier, Health Education Specialist, Kaiser Permanente Health Plan of Colorado, Wheat Ridge Colorado.

Bronx High School of ScienceOur school has been famous for generations for its "smart kids," but we continue to have a major problem with tobacco. No matter how intelligent our students may be, it's not enough for them to "know" smoking is bad for them, they have to "feel" it. This program is great because the anti-tobacco video games involve the kids, get them thinking, and help them break whatever emotional attachment they may have with the desire to smoke. ----David Hutt, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist, Bronx High School of Science, New York City.

If you would like to speak with Elliot Esman, the developer of No Smoke, please call him at 914-834-5412. You can also email Elliot

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