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NO SMOKE for Windows is a unique computer-aided method to quit smoking using many video game elements. Effective for the adult who wants to quit or the young person you don't want to start. Can be used alone or in school classrooms.

This special page features non-animated HTML versions of some of the various screens available in NO SMOKE. You can click any of the button icons below to see what information each particular section covers.

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The NO SMOKE Excuse Blaster screen has one goal: to eradicate any possible justification the smoker has for smoking. Typical smoker excuses are presented. But it's not enough to just answer the excuse in words (as we do in this non-animated simulation). In the actual program the smoker blasts the excuses to bits using animated characters -- jet planes, helicopters, wizards, tanks, guns, and a pterodactyl.

In addition to the pre-programmed excuses and answers such as samples shown here, the user can program in up to ten of his or her own sets of excuses and answers, then "zap" them again and again and again.

The goal is one brick in the emotional and psychological foundation for freeing the smoker from the habit. Below are a few of NO SMOKE's typical smoker's excuses with answers:

Excuse ---- "I really like to smoke."
Zap Excuse ---- "You think you really like to smoke, but what you really like is the temporary freedom smoking gives you from the craving for highly addictive nicotine. You're trying to quit because you want that enjoyable feeling permanently."

Excuse ---- "I inhale so much air pollution anyway, so the cigarettes don't matter."
Zap Excuse ---- "The dirt you suck into your lungs from smoking is 100 times more lethal than the worst air pollution. The combination of the two is particularly deadly. Just breathe out some cigarette smoke through a handkerchief and you'll get the idea."

Excuse ---- "It's the only "bad" thing I do to myself."
Zap Excuse ---- "Smoking may be the only bad habit you have, but it's worse than all others combined. It is an indulgence that comes at a high price."

Excuse ---- "I enjoy the taste of cigarettes."
Zap Excuse ---- "You only think you enjoy the taste of cigarettes because you are hooked. Even if you enjoy the flavor from time to time, is taste really a motivator for the cigarette after cigarette you smoke every day?"

Excuse ---- "I need to smoke to calm my nerves."
Zap Excuse ---- "You need to smoke to calm your nerves because your smoking habit makes you need to smoke to calm your nerves. Quitting smoking (after you've done it; not during the difficult process) not only breaks this cycle, but puts you into a more calm lifestyle. Smoking in itself is something of a nervous habit."

Excuse ---- "My cigarettes are my friends."
Zap Excuse ---- "With friends like these, who needs enemies. Would a friend get you hooked, damage your health, make you smell awful, control your behavior every day of your life?"

Excuse ---- "If I quit smoking, I'll gain weight."
Zap Excuse ---- "Some people gain weight after quitting smoking, but it's not automatic. Part of a rational approach to quitting smoking is not substituting unhealthy food behavior for the smoking. This program has a special interactive section on avoiding weight gain."

Excuse ---- "I'm a smoker and that's that. It's part of my lifestyle."
Zap Excuse ---- "This is the toughest excuse of them all to refute. But are you that much a slave to cigarettes that you need to devote your whole life to them? Think about it."

Excuse ---- "I can quit any time I feel like it."
Zap Excuse ---- "Many smokers are convinced they can quit any time they wish, but they do not realize how physically and psychologically addictive the smoking habit is. The answer is that they can quit, but only with a methodical system and a lot of support."

Excuse ---- "Low tar and nicotine cigarettes aren't so bad."
Zap Excuse ---- "Low tar and nicotine cigarettes lead you to smoke more, inhale more dangerous chemicals, and spend much more money than regular cigarettes to get the same nicotine "fix" you crave. The false feeling of "safety" you get from these brands can keep you smoking long after you should have quit. It's all a (very profitable) gimmick."

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NO SMOKE's "DON'T GAIN WEIGHT" section is designed to show you how you can quit smoking without putting on pounds (or kilos if you prefer). First you choose the "OUT" button to take the word "BLIMP" out of the dictionary. Then you scroll through a number of tips on how to keep from turning into a blimp.

Here are the first half dozen of the many tips:

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NO SMOKE's ""PANIC BUTTON"" is meant to be used in an emergency, when you are really in danger of sliding back into smoking. You'll press any key on the keyboard and a randomly generated suggestion on how to get through the panic attack will appear.

Here are examples of a few of the suggestions:

-----When you get the craving for a cigarette, remember that the worst will be over in just a few minutes. So get involved with something else. Do a necessary and time-consuming chore like sorting your files or even cleaning your home. Once you get through the first 5-10 minutes, tell yourself you're a hero! Never feel sorry for yourself. You can do it!

-----Put something else in your mouth, preferably something that doesn't make you fat. A pencil, a finger. If you occupy yourself with bill paying and check writing, you'll get some oral interaction from licking the envelopes and stamps. Or buy wind instrument (flute, saxophone, recorder, harmonica) and learn how to express yourself through it. You get a lot of oral satisfaction from playing the harmonica, it's easy, and you can buy one for practically nothing. You can do it!

-----Here's a good breathing exercise the really helps for those panic moments. It takes some practice so be patient. Relax your body. Go limp. Inhale slowly and deeply, Breath in as much as you can. Hold for a brief moment and then let the air out very slowly. Push out the last bits of air then hold for a moment. Repeat a few times. Practice getting the exercise right, concentrating on smooth breathing at all times. You can do it!

-----Instead of smoking, write down plans for quitting smoking (even if you have already written down plans). Write down plans for some other goal. Write down a shopping list. Take out a pen or pencil (it will occupy your hands and you can also chew on it) and write down something purposeful. Poetry, a letter, anything. You can do it!

-----DISTRACT yourself with ANYTHING when you get the urge. It will pass in a few minutes. You might get the urge to smoke again but don't worry about that now. Get through each urge one at a time. Each time you get the urge think back to previous times you successfully resisted the urge. If you succeeded once, you can succeed twice. If you succeeded twice...well, you get the idea. You'll come to like the process of getting the urge and then getting through it. You get stronger each time. You can do it!

-----Have an imaginary conversation with people who know you about how successful you were at quitting. Get into it and make it as elaborate as possible. Imagine the questions they will ask you and rehearse your answers word for word. Imagine telling everyone how good you feel now that you have quit. Remember: word for word. Choose descriptive adjectives that truly reflect the joy you feel at "growing clean." Try this technique over and over until you become superbly articulate on the subject of quitting. You can do it!

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NO SMOKE's "WHY YOU SMOKE" section gives you a way to get to the heart of why you are a smoker. Once you realize what motivations and automatic behavior control you, you'll be better able to work at quitting. Without this self knowledge you don't have much of a chance.

WHY YOU SMOKE gives you a screen with thirty pre-set categories (though you can change any or all of the categories to suit your own analysis needs). You'll use scroll bars to give a score from 1 to 10 for each category, then press a calucation key. The computer will then give you a score and show you what's important and what's not so important. You end up zeroing in on the major reasons why you smoke. This is an essential step if you want to quit. And the results may surprise you.

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NO SMOKE's section entitled "The Money Factor" is simple to use, but effective. It shows you (depending on how you look at it) how much money you WASTE by smoking, or how much money you SAVE by quitting. You simply enter in the cost of a pack of cigarettes, then the number of packs you smoke a week. The computer automatically figures out your cigarette cost per year, five years and ten years. It's up to you to figure out what you'll do with all the money you save!

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NO SMOKE's "SMOKE ZAPPER" video game is a fun way to stuff anti-smoking thinking into your brain. While you play the game, health-giving affirmations and suggestions flash onto the screen. You have the choice of changing the duration and interval between the flashes, and you can also program in your own suggestions. The pre-programmed suggestions are:

  1. I take responsibility for my own health.
  2. I make my own decisions; I breathe free.
  3. I am calm, healthy and happy.
  4. I can make myself relax on my own.
  5. I breathe clean air in, clean air out.
  6. I am worthwhile, aware and wonderful.
  7. I love myself and I love my body.
  8. I take a moment and think before I act.
  9. I am comfortable with myself and my body.
  10. I live a life of health and love.

The object of SMOKE ZAPPER is to shoot down the evil flying cigarettes without being destroyed by the cigarette butt smart bombs they drop. Each time you zap the two flying cigarettes you gain more points but the game gets harder. To protect yourself from the dangerous cigarette butt bombs, you can bring up an ashtray that protects you for ten seconds. When you yourself get zapped, you lose ammunition. When you run out of ammunition the game ends.

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NO SMOKE's section entitled "YOUR DAILY CYCLE" helps you understand how smoking fits into your day. This understanding is essential if you are to short-circuit some of the automatic behavior patterns that cause you to think you want to poison yourself with a cigarette.

The cycle runs (it loops, actually) at whatever speed you choose. It's essential to understand Joe Smoker's cycle to understand your own. Once you recognize the cycle, you can take steps to break it. Here's the complete cycle

  1. The day begins with that first cigarette, often before Joe Smoker is even awake. He's addicted, so he needs that nicotine hit to get himself going first thing in the morning.

  2. Joe now has to wash up and get himself ready for work. He can't do it without his "buddy," so he lights up and tries to shave without getting the cigarette wet (it's tough).

  3. Now it's breakfast time. Joe eats a quick breakfast, and then, to "finish it off," he has a cigarette. Or else he skips breakfast and the cigarette itself is the breakfast.

  4. Joe gets into his car to drive to work, but before he starts the car, he lights a cigarette. In fact, he lights a cigarette at every transition during the day.

  5. When Joe gets to the office, the first thing he does is go to the bathroom, smoking on the way since it's the only way he knows to promote "regularity." After he's finished he has another cigarette to "cap off" the transition.

  6. Back at his desk before he can get started with his work, Joe Smoker has a cigarette to calm his nerves.

  7. Several times during the day, Joe will light up a cigarette to help him concentrate.

  8. When the telephone rings, Joe will light up a cigarette before answering to give him strength and concentration.

  9. When Joe has to meet with other workers, especially in difficult situations, he'll bring along his "buddy" and light up.

  10. If Joe has his head handed to him by his boss, he'll light up to relieve the tension afterwards. If his boss loves Joe's ideas, Joe will light up to celebrate.

  11. When Joe takes a coffee break, or whenever he drinks coffee during the day, it is never complete without that accompanying cigarette.

  12. On the way to lunch, as a transition, Joe has a cigarette. He has another after he finishes lunch, and a third on his way back.

  13. For a late afternoon pick-me-up, Joe has several cups of coffee in a row, each with a cigarette.

  14. Back in his car, Joe repeats his morning routine, lighting up before he can get the car going.

  15. Returning home, Joe relaxes with a cigarette and a drink. He'll have another cigarette right before dinner and a third with his coffee afterwards.

  16. Joe watches TV for several hours before bed, consuming several cigarettes in the process.

  17. Joe has a cigarette right before bed, goes to sleep, but wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and has another cigarette.

  18. Joe and his "buddy" have now been together through a full day of automatic behavior responses. We can now start the cycle all over again.

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The Growing Clean section of NO SMOKE coordinates all other sections. It includes full explanations of all the other sections, and a series of tips and tricks for quitting cigarettes once the smoker has used the rest of the program to lay the foundation for successfully quitting. A few of the many tips and techniques sections are reproduced below:

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The NO SMOKE Your Own History Screen

NO SMOKE's "Your Own History" section lets you analyze how you got to be a smoker. The section consists of 27 questions about your smoking history. For each question, you'll use the scroll bar to choose a rating of from 1 to 9. Afterwards, you can click "VIEW" to look at the history you have created. You also have the option of printing the data and sending it to the Windows clipboard so you can import it into your word processor.

Some of your answers might surprise you, but all of your answers will help you to look at yourself and your motivations clearly, so you can build a foundation for growing free of the cigarette habit.

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The NO SMOKE Programming Screen

NO SMOKE's "Programming" section begins with the ROBOT graphic. You are instructed to "ZAP THE ROBOT," to free yourself from the automatic programming that has so much to do with the smoking habit. The robot is not just a cute cartoon, even though you might think what happens to the robot after you zap it is funny. It's important to go through the motions of destroying the programming, to create an emotional reaction deep inside you. Why? Because the programming is so strong. Even if you know all about it, you still must create that emotional break before you can say "NO MORE!"

After you zap the robot and fly free to the sky, you will use the "ZAP PROGRAMMING" key to destroy all the automatic reasons why you smoke, one at a time. And of course, you should repeat this section often, to grind it into yourself deeply that you will not put up with being a slave to this programming.

Here are a few examples of the programming you will free yourself from:

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The NO SMOKE Stressed Out Screen

NO SMOKE's "STRESSED OUT" section gives you major stress relief methods for times when you need them most. Just drag the animated "stressed out eyes" icon onto any of the soothing colored squares for instant stress relief without needing cigarettes.

While the stress relief suggestions are great, the PROCESS of dragging the icon onto the squares is itself a stress relief mechanism. Try it for five minutes!

Here are a few of the methods:

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