Cigarette Smoking: The Hidden Drain on Company Productivity and Profits

No Smoke is now available FREE for individual use, or for organizations wishing to evaluate the program. Click Here to download the full-featured freeware version of No Smoke.

The smoking habit is on the way out, but millions of workers are still hooked. Smoking still costs your company plenty, and not just in direct health care outlays. Much of the real cost and productivity drain of smoking is hidden.

No Smoke is a unique software package designed to help your employees quit smoking. It's fun, stimulating and effective. Corporate site licenses are available at attractive rates, and the program can be customized with your content, logos and artwork. Corporations can use No Smoke either in-house or in conjunction with community relations and corporate image campaigns.

Before getting into detail on No Smoke we wish to make one point clear. There are many ways to quit smoking, from hypnosis to herbal therapies to nicotine gum. And here's the key: No Smoke uses both serious analysis sections and fun video game sections to help the smoker get to the bottom of the motivation question. This is the key not only to the decision to quit smoking, but to the decision to maintain health and fitness in general. It's a lifestyle question. And it has important bottom-line ramifications for any business.

Do you want to learn more about No Smoke and what it can do for your human resources efforts? We have two separate web pages dedicated to fully explaining the scope of this unique software package. Requires Windows. $19.95 in single copy version.

For further information about licensed versions of NO SMOKE, please contact Elliot Essman, the developer. Information is on our contact page.
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